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Saturday, October 22, 2005

[posted by jaed at 10:50 PM]
The song remains the same, 2001-2005
In re Afghanistan, 2001-2002:
  • "graveyard of empires"
  • "natural warriors"
  • "quagmire"
  • "the holy month of Ramadan"
  • "the brutal Afghan winter"
  • "Millions of Afghans will starve to death."
  • "The Arab street will explode."

In re Iraq, 2002-2003:
  • "hundreds of thousands of refugees"
  • "Saddam will use his chemical weapons against our troops."
  • "quagmire"
  • "isolated and without allies"
  • "the brutal Iraqi summer"
  • "The Arab street will explode."

In re Iraq, 2004-2005:
  • "looming civil war"
  • "Arabs need a strong hand and won't be able to handle democracy."
  • "Iraqi insurgents"
  • "quagmire"
  • "The Iraqis will be scared away from the polls."
  • "The Sunni street will explode."

I should count my blessings.

At least people have stopped talking about how we need "an exit strategy".

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