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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

[posted by jaed at 5:52 PM]
Scratching my head
You've probably seen the Anheuser-Busch ad showing a group of soldiers coming home through an airport and getting a spontaneous round of applause on their way through. Some might think it hokey or sentimental. I have a bit of a hard time understanding why anyone might be offended by it, though.

But apparently someone is. Best of the Web refers to a Guardian [moan] column by Stefano Hatfield, who seems quite outraged. Stefano quotes a "furious" neighbor calling it "obscene". (So I guess there are at least two people beyond my comprehension.)

He seems to be interpreting it as some sort of call to arms re Iran, but these soldiers are coming home from Iraq, clearly, not Iran. I am unable to find any reference to Iran in the spot. Iran has been for practical purposes at war with us in eastern Iraq for almost a year now, and it's not impossible that we'll send troops into Iran at some point, but this commercial isn't talking about that.

It's very strange. The column is behind a registration wall, so I haven't read the whole thing, and maybe there's additional context that explains it, but I find it a little difficult to imagine what could explain calling the image of soldiers being welcomed home by their countrymen "obscene".

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