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Sunday, January 02, 2005

[posted by jaed at 1:23 PM]
Quote of the day
It's actually the quote of eight weeks or so ago, but we won't mind that. Norm Geras contemplates the reaction of right-thinking Britain to the presidential election:
In contemporary debate on the liberal-left, it is sometimes suggested that, only with a few crazies, only at the very outside margin of this political sector, is there any serious problem about the commitment to democratic values. I'd like to think that that is indeed true. But developments since September 11 2001, and in particular the Iraq war and the pent-up animosities towards the two leaders most closely associated with it, have now knocked so many people so far off balance that they no longer know, can no longer see, what they are saying much of the time - and they come from a far wider segment of the liberal-left than just the extreme margins.

Four more years? Four more years, not of George W. Bush, but of this, is not something one can contemplate with either relish or optimism. Liberals and leftists should stop wailing and ask themselves some tough questions: first and foremost, where they themselves might have gone wrong (so many of them), repeatedly wrong, in their alignment within international conflicts - and why. You lose a democratic battle, you fight on, that's all. You make the argument again or differently. You look to see whether there are mistakes, misconceptions, bad assumptions, bad practices, on your own side. You try to persuade people. You show some elementary civic respect to those on the other side.
Read the whole thing. It's a sobering reflection, and by no means only for the British left. Even though things have calmed down a bit since, I'm not looking forward to the next four years either, particularly having seen the reactions to the tsunami (more precisely, to America/Republicans/the Bushitler that have been enabled by the tsunami).

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