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Monday, January 10, 2005

[posted by jaed at 2:28 PM]
Quote of the day
[ Considering how often you've posted lately, shouldn't that be "Quote of the fiscal quarter"? ed. Oh, shut up.] Something called "Ruth Conniff's Blog" (although it appears to be a regular column, not a blog) at the Progressive has, among other things, this:

At the Republican convention in 1996 I went on a yacht cruise with some socially moderate Republican women who were appalled at the takeover of their party by down-at-the-heel, prolife, evangelical types.
A yacht cruise. "Down-at-the-heel types". And they're not even nice Presbyterians or Methodists!

As the finishing touch, the column winds up by urging Democrats to find issues that fire up "blue-collar" voters. Look, Lady Bountiful, I realize the peasants are revolting, but if they are voting peasants it might be wise to put the perfumed handkerchief to your nose with a little less of a flourish, don't you think?


This is not the first time that I've contemplated the snobbishness and class superiority of the left, and how it's damaged the Democratic Party electorally, but it's one of the more blatant and concentrated examples I've seen lately.

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