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Thursday, January 27, 2005

[posted by jaed at 9:32 PM]
Problems staying on message
There's been some attention to an essay by professor Ward Churchill that argues that the 9/11 victims were "little Eichmans" who got what they had coming to them. This would make Churchill an idiot in good standing, but unaccountably, he seems to have poked a hole in the usual argument.

Quoth the Rocky Mountain News:
Churchill's essay argues that the Sept. 11 attacks were in retaliation for the Iraqi children killed in a 1991 U.S. bombing raid and by economic sanctions imposed on Iraq by the United Nations following the Persian Gulf War.
But wait... I thought Iraq had nothing at all to do with 9/11? No relationship at all, right? Recall that this argument is a linchpin for those who argue that the Iraq campaign is completely separate from the "War on Terror". Accept that Iraq might have had some relationship to the 9/11 attacks, and that argument crumbles.

A secret team will no doubt be dispatched immediately to "re-educate" the professor in proper thinking.

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