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Sunday, January 30, 2005

[posted by jaed at 2:16 PM]
The alchemy of elections...
...seems to have caused an outbreak of sanity and humanity in one of the places you'd least expect it. Yes, Democratic Underground, where several people are responding with disbelief to one poster who proclaimed his hope that "the resistance" would kill Iraqis who had "betrayed their country" by voting.

That poster is more or less what I've come to expect on DU. But check out these quotes from some of the responses:
As far as people "betraying their country" by wanting to vote... How the (&@(#& is that kind of nationalist thinking progressive?

Me, I sorta like people voting. Call me a Democrat.

So does that mean you'd support pretty much any horrific action or organization so long as it damages Bush politically? Some kind of end justifying the means sort of thing?

We should never learn to hate bush so much that we will condone mass murder and smile at it's sight merely because it would make bush look bad.

Are you insane? You do realize that you can oppose what Bush has done, and still dislike an insurgency that kills thousands of innocent Iraqi's? You can still oppose Bush and also be happy that Iraqi people have an opportunity to vote.
Elections can work miracles. Iraqis have voted, and by their display of courage and dedication to freedom have prompted even Moonbat Central to show signs of humanity and decency. Truly, this is a good day.

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