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Thursday, October 21, 2004

[posted by jaed at 2:36 AM]
I am no longer surprised... press reluctance to confront the depraved nature of the actions of the enemy. The NYT, however, may have just set a new low in this regard.

It was the headline that caught my eye: "Russian Official Says Beslan Rebels Were Addicts". Rebels. If this is indended to refer back to Chechnya, recall that at least some of the killers were Arab, not Chechen, and that all of them left Chechnya to attack outside its borders. Reading the story, I see that they are also described as "militants", "attackers", and "hostage-takers".

But the truly shocking thing for me was the description of their deed: the story tells us that they "seized a public school". It says nothing at all about what they did after they seized that public school. If you had never heard of the massacre at Beslan, and missed the single reference to "survivors" in the next-to-last paragraph, you might well think that the only people who were killed were the "rebels".

Can such a crime disappear down the memory hole in only a few weeks? At the New York Times, apparently it can.

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