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Sunday, July 11, 2004

[posted by jaed at 1:12 AM]
We interrupt this blog for a moment of pure self-pity
It's one in the morning here. The next-door neighbor is having a party, with loud music, directly opposite my bedroom window. (Not for the first time, and I know from experience that asking him to crank it down is pointless.) There is a loud drunk standing in the yard shouting insults about Condoleeza Rice, alternating with screams of "We're fucked! We're fucked!" Someone is arguing with the drunk, but half-heartedly and tentatively - the drunk says "I love it" about Bushitler signs, if I'm following the discussion correctly, and the woman arguing with him is saying "I love it - but I hate it". I am feeling guilty for not going over there, sustaining this woman in her argument, and inviting her to become a full-fledged RWDB. I should have gone to bed over an ago. I am far too exhausted to do anything constructive with the next three hours, or however long it will be until these people shut up and turn off their stereo. I hate my life.

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