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Thursday, December 04, 2003

[posted by jaed at 8:23 PM]
Stick a fork in them
Instapundit posts on the Washington Post story claiming "Scandal!" because - wait for it - the turkey that Bush was photographed holding was not the turkey served to the troops in Iraq. (They were served other turkeys. This one was a centerpiece.) In response to this whole thing, Instapundit correspondent Elizabeth King lets loose with this:
I now have an urge to rant that I can't bottle up anymore. You don't have to read this, but I really need to say it.

I am SICK AND TIRED of our media. I am SICK AND TIRED of the superficial nature of their reporting on Iraq and their incessant preaching of quagmirism. I am SICK AND TIRED of their efforts to turn every U.S. military action into Vietnam, all facts to the contrary be damned. And I am SICK AND TIRED of 16-words-gate and Plame-gate and mission-accomplished-gate and now, God help us, turkey-gate.

We live in momentous times, and our media -- the freest and most technologically advanced media in the history of the world -- is mired in 60's nostalgia, conspiracy theories and banality.
Elizabeth, you rant for me. I'd venture to say that you rant for millions.

Update: Oh, Christ, the British papers have started gnawing on this now. The Guardian's crack reportorial team tells us that Bush didn't carve the show turkey he was holding when the picture was taken. Not to be outdone, the Sydney Morning Herald tells Australia solemnly that "Although the pictures may have given the impression that the president himself had helped serve the traditional holiday meal, the troops were served buffet-style..." ... by Bush among others. Apparently their reporter either missed that set of photographs, or decided that mentioning Bush serving dinner to the troops would only confuse the issue.

Truly, I can no longer tell whether I am living in the real world, or a movie comedy.

(via Tim Blair, whose commenters include Deep Giblet, who urges us to "just follow the gravy". Heh.)

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