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Tuesday, November 04, 2003

[posted by jaed at 11:25 AM]
Depressing ruminations on the state of the nation
Brian Tiemann at Peeve Farm reflects on a Tech Central column and a new email friendship with someone who says, well:
"I tend to view anyone or anything bearing a Bush/Cheney logo in much the same way that I view biohazard labels -- they are warnings that the contents therein are likely to be volatile, unstable, antithetical to human life, and quite possibly lethal," he says. "This public safety notice brought to you by Citizens Who Still Know How To Think Clearly."

(I haven't told him my horrible secret yet. I dread the inevitable day when I will.)
Yeah. I have friends who get their news from leaving NPR on all day (just to hint at their political persuasion) and I just avoid talking about politics with them. Another friend wanted me to go to a Clark campaign event recently and I'm avoiding talking politics with him too. There is... I don't know. An assumption that all Decent People agree, and I'm cowardly enough to find challenging that assumption very, very unpleasant.

I think there's something new going on. [...] possibly it's the second- and third-order fallout in the nation's collective mind from 9/11-- first was the shock and horror and patriotism, but then there was the freight-train backlash against it that has so violently uprooted the foundations of so many people's minds that all cognitive consistency is lost.

If this is what 9/11 has done to us in the long term, then bin Laden really did have a plan and a half, didn't he?

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