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Wednesday, September 17, 2003

[posted by jaed at 12:43 PM]
What's the Sanskrit for "magnificent rant"?
Amritas seems to be on a roll lately:
Ahhh, AmeriKKKa, whipping boy of the world! Got a problem? Blame it on us - yes, US with two capital letters! Nurture your Amerikahass (America-hate). It's a German term. Deutsch is sehr cool since it's not the forked tongue of the Busch-Blair Axis of Evil. Let your Amerikahass overflow. Impress your friends, including AmeriKKKans ashamed of themselves. Everybody knows that soPHISticated people HATE AmeriKKKa. Intelligence and patriotism never mix. Don't just question - denounce! Protest at every opportunity! Wait for that moment when the Gestapo takes you away, when you can die as a martyr to The Cause™! (Yeah, it'll never happen, but you can dream, can't you? You too could be Mumia. Wait and see!) You are a member of la résistance! Doesn't it feel exciting to be part of a Movement™? There may only be a few of you bright enough to see through der Busch's plot right now, but eventually entire mobs will storm the White House (what a racist term!) and liberate AmeriKKKa from its self-appointed Führer (NEVER FORGET FLORIDA!!). Then true Democrat (you were expecting democratic?) elections would be held, AmeriKKKa would withdraw from the world, and all would be right again, with Leftist yuppies sipping overpriced coffee in their SUVs - dying every now and then (hey, THEY DESERVE IT!!) - while millions outside the Satanic borders suffer under Great Leadership™. "Suffer"? Who's to say they don't like it?
As with any satire, you can derive this sort of thing by taking the actual rhetoric and giving it a twist of the broiler knob. The frightening thing is that you don't need to twist the knob all that hard these days to come up with something like this.

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