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Saturday, September 27, 2003

[posted by jaed at 9:56 PM]
Rainy Day
Eamon Fitzgerald's Rainy Day is one of those blogs with a bit of everything, refreshing to the mind because it's all filtered through a literate and generous sensibility. It should have massive readership. My three loyal readers (well, maybe it's two by now - I may well have lost one during the most recent unexplained hiatus) are very much urged to check it out.

One frequent feature of Rainy Day is its excerpts from diaries of the past. Today's caught my eye:
Diarist of the day: David Gascoyne, 27 September 1938

"Listened this evening to Chamberlain's wireless address. He spoke slowly, in a sad and exhausted voice, and expressed a pathetically sincere horror of war. However much one may have disliked, even despised this man before, the crisis, and however true it may be that the futile policy of his government in the past is responsible for the present situation, one cannot deny that during the last few weeks he has done everything one could possibly expect him to do; and his attitude has been human and dignified, in stark contrast with the crude mock-heroic posturing of the Nazi villain."
I wonder whether some blogger will make a similar post a few years from now, a few weeks after a nuclear bomb goes off in Chicago, about a president of the United States.

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