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Friday, July 18, 2003

[posted by jaed at 12:57 PM]
Behold the power of <cheesy echo effect> the blog!!!
Ron Rosenbaum, in the middle of a disquisition on Sullivan, Hitchens, and the Orwell influence, commits to print this insight on why blogging can be so influential:
What gives him [Sullivan] an edge in impact and reach over Mr. Hitchens (and just about everyone else) is the way he�s turned his political Web site (Web zine, Web log, online diary�whatever you want to call into a powerful weapon of nonstop, 24/7, omnipresent total-surveillance panopticon punditry. Using his political Web zine (a form pioneered by Mickey Kaus in his witty, he�s done more than just frame the debate; he�s dominated it, smothered it with an overwhelming energy and forcefulness that allows him to riddle his opponents with ceaseless real-time hectoring and invective and polemic.
Nicely put. When discussing blogs, most commentators focus on their populist appeal - the fact that anyone with opinions can be heard (even if they aren't, perish the thought, "professional journalists"), and anyone who expresses those opinions well will be listened to - and on the possibilities for fact-checking and thorough coverage that are inherent in rich linkage between blogs.

But this comment brings out another facet: the sheer unrelenting depth possible when using a publication medium that you can update as often as you think of something to say, with no publication cycle or limited newshole to worry about.

(Yes, I am aware of the irony of pointing to a comment like this when I've been so remiss lately in updating this blog....)

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