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Saturday, April 19, 2003

[posted by jaed at 7:52 PM]
One problem with the mainstream media is that a story disappears if there's no new information coming out. It's very rare for the media to keep a scandal going if there are no new tidbits to hang new stories on.

This is, or was, Adnan Abdul Karim Enad:

On January 25th, he approached UN weapons inspectors, carrying a notebook. He was subsequently dragged away by Iraqi soldiers, assisted by UN security, still clutching the notebook for dear life. His last words as he was dragged away are reported to have been "Save me! Save me!"

The UNMOVIC inspection team was empowered, by the same resolution that sent them to Iraq, to interview anyone who might have information about weapons programs, any time, anywhere, without interference, and to offer transportation out of the country to such people and their families. The inspectors did not choose to interview the man, to look at his notebook, to ascertain who he was, or to exchange a word with him. They simply ordered him removed, and sat frozen until that was done.

The man disappeared into the hands of Saddam's soldiers, and so did the notebook he was carrying. If they killed him, we'll probably never find answers. If a reporter finds the man, or if there are records concerning what happened to him, or if a regime member involved with his arrest and subsequent disposition comes forward, we may hear more about him. Otherwise, there will, most likely, be nothing but silence.

We ought not to forget, however.

(Hans Blix remarked, when asked about the incident, that the man could have found "more elegant ways" to approach the inspectors. You might want to keep that ugly little joke in mind - along with this man's face, and the face of the inspector in blue beside him trying desperately to pretend he doesn't exist - when you hear Blix saying that he must head new inspections because only the United Nations carries the necessary moral authority.)

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