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Sunday, March 09, 2003

[posted by jaed at 5:43 PM]
Those American dogs!
In a recent lecture [PDF] to the Centre for Policy Studies, Conrad Black mentions a somewhat revealing (especially in the reaction) anecdote:
I had occasion to say in the Iraq debate in the House of Lords two months ago that this notion of the relationship of the United States and the UN Security Council was an attempt to treat the United States as a great St. Bernard dog which would take the risks and do the work, while others, and not necessarily allies, would hold the leash and give the instructions.

One of my noble friends leapt excitedly at the metaphor and asked if I had ever tried to restrain a St. Bernard bitch in heat. Another said the United States was not a St. Bernard but a rotweiler.
Well, according to Bill Murray in "Stripes" we're mutts. I guess a purebred is a step up, socially.

It's an interesting read. Black also gives us the phrase "the Ruritanian posturing of the French". I think I've got a tea leaf lodged in my nose now.

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