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Tuesday, March 18, 2003

[posted by jaed at 5:36 PM]
It's all about the ooooiiiiilllll:
More about the adventures of TotalFinaElf: this extensive story from last year about the bribery scandal concerning the French oil company. The story is told through the involvement of Eva Joly, the French investigative magistrate who broke the case. (I can see a miniseries here.)
It's as if Joly had netted a load of fish, which are now left to rot in the sun while the French public politely holds its nose. Worse, Joly and her fellow magistrates find themselves on the defensive. She has been compared to the American independent counsel Kenneth W. Starr´┐Ża scathing insult in a France still astonished that a president could be impeached for lying about oral sex.

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