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Saturday, February 15, 2003

[posted by jaed at 2:50 PM]
Well, this is amusing:
(Not really.) One of the commentators on a Chicago Boyz has found an article in the Belgian newspaper De Standaard:
the unofficial foreign policy guru of Belgium Rik Coolsaet, a professor at the University of Ghent, brags about the genius of the Franco-Belgian policy. It is primarily aimed at derailing NATO, which he describes as toolbox for American imperialism on the European dime. The second objective (and Coolsaet is very straightforward about it) is to thwart American influence by humiliating it in front of the Arabs (who have a very keen sense of honor and prestige, and who can be trusted to attack America relentlessly once it is humiliated).

I haven't confirmed this - De Standaard has a website, but of course it's in Flemish, which I don't read.

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