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Monday, February 17, 2003

[posted by jaed at 10:29 PM]
Me me meeeeee!
Isntapundit comments on the blog of a "human shield":
Ben's not a doctor, or a rescue worker, or even a soldier who might be of some use in a war zone. A strange heroism he aspires to, that does nobody any good. Look for this all-important story that Ben wants to tell, and you find The Story Of Ben, his every feeling and experience preserved in an aspic of first-person pronouns. It's the diary of a damn fool kid on a pilgrimage to danger, just so he can feel good about himself. His addiction to his own self-righteousness is stronger than his powers of reasoning and his love of life put together.

We're not supposed to laugh or cry; we're supposed to fall to our knees and worship.


Andrea Harris proposes an apt fate for these people:
I just hope that after all this is over one of these "activists" (if they all haven't been blown into hemp-scented meat chunks) meets up with an Iraqi mother of a tortured child or wife of an imprisoned, executed dissident, and gets the sock in the jaw he or she will so richly deserve.

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