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Thursday, February 06, 2003

[posted by jaed at 11:14 AM]
The "Fragile Coalition" Strikes Again
Mark Steyn on the fetishization of the UN:

So I find myself in a position the pollsters don�t seem to have provided for: I support a US-led war against Saddam, but not a UN war. [...] Ninety per cent of the countries who made up Bush Sr's Stanley Gibbons collect-the-set coalition � Belgium, Senegal, Honduras � wouldn't have been involved in taking Baghdad and storming the presidential palace, but all claimed the right to act as a drag on those who would have. So the UN-ification of the first Gulf war is a big part of the reason it ended so unsatisfactorily. Those Republicans who think making Bush dance through the UN hoops this time round is merely a harmless interlude had better be confident that the same pressures won�t again undermine American purpose at a critical stage in the conflict.

Although I'm not sure it matters. After seeing what the delegate from France to the UNSC said yesterday (precis: "Since the inspections don't work, let's have even more inspectors!"), I realized that very likely I can tell my grandchildren I was there when the UN committed suicide by irrelevance.

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