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Wednesday, January 22, 2003

[posted by jaed at 8:08 PM]
DVDs and Directors
Slate copyright article (with, parenthetically, a delphic title: "Bowdlerizing for Columbine"? What does that even mean?) on several companies that provide "skip-the-sex-scenes" DVDs and Hollywood's attempt to put a stop to this on what are essentially moral-rights grounds ("the director has the right to prevent the movie from being seen other than as he intended it to be seen"). Some of the companies actually make a copy with certain parts deleted (though they buy a separate copy for each modified one they sell), others use a special DVD player with blocking software for each movie.

The legal reasoning has implications for a number of matters, from DVD mods to allow the viewer to fast-forward through the ads (currently illegal under the DMCA) to the perennial argument by some web designers that turning off stylesheets, image downloads, and so on interferes with their artistic integrity [ed: snort.]. The case will be worth watching.

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