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Thursday, July 11, 2002

[posted by jaed at 10:51 AM]
Not just a river in Egypt
The Israelis are feeling a little exasperated. Well, who can blame them? I'm feeling a little exasperated myself. An Egyptian national with a history of anti-Israel and anti-Jewish comments, who got pissed off because someone displayed an American flag after 9/11, goes to LAX, on the Fourth of July, heads straight for the El Al counter and starts shooting, but there's no reason, none at all, to suspect this might have been a terrorist attack? Is the FBI overrun with fools, or do they think Americans are all fools? I'm honestly not sure which possibility frightens me more.

(In the thankful-for-small-favors department, at least the FBI has conceded that the attacker, who went armed with two guns, a knife, and a shitload of ammunition, probably was planning violence. Thank God we have a Federal Bureau to Investigate these things for us.)

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