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Tuesday, April 30, 2002

[posted by jaed at 1:52 PM]
Doctor-assisted suicide:
MEMRI brings us the chairman of the Arab Psychiatrists Association, homicidal lunatic.

Satire is dead. The Onion might as well pack it in and go home; reality has caught up with and surpassed its brilliance.

A few excerpts for your reading pleasure:

"[...]when a girl of 18 springs blows herself up [along with a few Jewish babies - ed], this means that her cause is right [...]"

"...The psychological structure [of the perpetrator of a suicide attack] is that of an individual who loves life."

"Remove the Apache [helicopter] from the equation, leave them one-on-one with the Palestinian people with the only weapon [for both sides] being dynamite. Then you will see all the Israelis leave, because among them there is not even one man willing to don a belt of dynamite..."

[Well, no, I can't say there's not even one Israeli who would stoop to the deliberate murder of random civilians for the sake solely of spite. Any country will have a few people with no honor, no humanity, not to mention no sense of strategy. But there are damn few, because most peoples react with horror and contempt to the animals in their midst instead of celebrating them.]

I'm getting too disgusted to go on with this. Go read it for yourself.

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